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Sport & Music Event Chauffeur

Coachman Chauffeurs offer chauffeuring to and from sporting events. We also offer concierge service for local restaurants or bars. In short, Coachman Chauffeurs complete your sporting or music event experience.


Coachman Chauffeurs Ireland

Welcome to the website of Coachman Chauffeur Service and thank you for visiting us.  Whatever your travel needs are, we look forward to enhancing your stay and travel experience in any way possible.  Coachman Chauffeur Service is an owner-operated, hands-on company, offering local knowledge and luxurious comfort combined with a safe, professional driving service.  We want your business trip or leisure experience to start the moment you board our Luxurious BMW 7 Series Long Wheelbase Executive Sedan.

George Martin,
Your Chauffeur

Sports Event Chauffeur & COncierge

Whether your sporting event is Rugby, Soccer, Gaelic Football, Hurling/Camogie or Martial Arts, Coachman Chauffeurs are ready to take you there. With Coachman Chauffeurs there is no struggle to find parking, there is no trouble finding the entrance, there is no hassle involved. Coachman Chauffeurs also offer a concierge service taking away all the effort of finding somewhere to eat or drink afterwards. With our top-notch service you can enjoy your sporting event experience the moment you leave your accommodation.

Music Event Chauffeur

Whether you’re listening to Taylor Swift or Ireland’s famous Christy Moore, Coachman Chauffeurs will complete your music event experience. With Coachman, you can rest easy knowing travelling to and from your music event will be stress-free. After your music event is finished, Coachman’s concierge service can inform you of local restaurants or pubs you may want to visit.

Golf Chauffeur

Coachman Chauffeurs offer golf trip chauffeuring to suit any golfing excursion. When wanting to play golf at one of the many beautiful golf courses in Ireland, travelling is an important consideration. Coachman Chauffeurs offer a luxurious travelling environment that will add to your golfing trip. From the moment you board our deluxe chauffeur car you will experience absolute comfort.

Horse Racing

Horse Racing is a big part of sporting culture in Ireland and is definitely something not worth missing. Something else you don’t want to miss is the first-class travelling experience Coachman Chauffeurs offer. While travelling in first-class, our concierge service can inform you of local eateries and bars to visit for something to eat.



The Executive Chauffeur Experience

Here at Coachman Chauffeurs we pride ourselves in providing the best chauffeur experience in Ireland. From the moment you board our luxurious BMW 7 Series LD chauffeur car you will enjoy your journey. You can sit back and relax using our reclining rear seats through our physical control system or media control tablet available inbetween the rear seats. Our luxurious chauffeur car offers Tablet Touchscreen Controls, Air Conditioning, Leather Interior, Heated Seats, Reclining Rear Seats, Arm Rests, Extra Legroom, Privacy Blinds, On-Board WiFi, and Bottled Water. 

Coachman Chauffeurs is an owner-operated company meaning that we offer unmatched customer service. You can feel at ease knowing when you organise a chauffeur you are talking directly to your driver. George can take personal notes and can receive your messages exactly how they were sent instead of receiving an edited message from a customer support employee.




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Frequently Asked Chauffeur Questions

Does George have a Chauffeur license?

Yes! George does have a chauffeur license and is registered with the National Transport Authority in Ireland.

Will George be in uniform?

Yes, George will be in a uniform discussed during the booking. Should an assistant chauffeur be required they will also be dressed appropriately for your trip.

Do you offer concierge services?

Yes, we do offer concierge services. We also offer a Concierge+ package for those who would like their luggage to be brought back to the car during their day out (shopping, gear, etc.).

Where will we meet at an Airport?

During booking, George will go over all plans in place for your chauffeuring.

If my flight is early will the driver be there?

Yes, as mentioned previously, George will arrive early and will monitor your flight to know when you have arrived.

Are we there yet?

All information regarding estimated arrival and distance left can be seen by using our media control tablet. Simply turn on the tablet and click on “driving information”.

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